Working with us benefits


A Brief about Human Resources Management:

Human Resources Department is concerned about all aspects of the employee beginning from the moment of his joining the company as well as all stages of training, qualification, evaluation and promotion until retirement.

Human resources management focuses on the human element because it considers it as the real capital of the company, and therefore seeks to raise the rate of job satisfaction and reduce the turnover rate and increase the sense of belonging to the company

The company improves continuously the benefits offered to its employees through the Human Resources Department.

Regulations of the Company:

- Labor work.

- Social Security Act.

- Private Health Insurance.

- Income tax.

- Social Fund.


Company's internal system:

The company provides many advantages to its employees to strengthen the sense of belonging and teamwork that the employee is our partner in the achievements of the company and is the real capital of it.


Annual increase:

The percentage of the annual increase should be determined based on the evaluation of employee performance during the year and according to the

company's internal system.


Health insurance:

The health insurance benefits the employees as described in the contracts with the insurance companies and the company pays half of the insurance value

during the year for its employees.


Hussein Insurance for Cancer:

The company provides Al Hussein cancer insurance free for its employees.

Learning & Development:

The company provides the opportunity for its employees to attend different courses according to their field of work and they are presented by prestigious companies, in addition to attending conferences, seminars and exhibitions inside and outside the country.



In order to provide comfort to all employees, there is more than time for end of the shift for employees according to their situation.


Mobile phones and cars:

The company provides phones and cars to its employees whose business requires that on the expense of the company.


Work environment:

The company works to provide a safe and healthy environment where RZ staff enjoys a comfortable and quiet working environment where basic equipment, hospitality services, and general safety equipment are available in offices.


Bonuses and Rewards:

Company's bonuses vary depending on employee's work, such as gasoline allowance, car allowance or phone card allowance as well as rewards for employees in the following categories such as production, delivery system, collection and sales when they meet the target monthly.